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Every day Easter

Every day I am made a new creation in Christ Jesus.

Every day I can set my intention to carry out the work of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Every day I can reflect my likeness to God in goodness, generosity, and kindness.

Every day I can run to bring the Good News of God’s presence to others with my words, attitude, and actions.

Every day is the re-birth of innocence and holiness with endless possibilities for me to embody these qualities.




Rembrandt, Jesus und Ehebrecherin
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Reproduced in the March 2013 edition of Give Us This Day

Who did I stone this week? Did I hurl negative words? Put-downs? Blame? Scorn? Did I put on an attitude of superiority? Did I cause injury by my indifference to others’ needs?

Who stoned me this week? Was I wounded by someone’s actions or words? Did I cast stones at myself for not being perfect? Did I damage my self-esteem by comparing myself negatively with others? Who did I turn to in my shame and pain?

God loves us unconditionally and asks us to do the same for ourselves and each other. Just for today let me be intentional about building up the kingdom of God by building up all those I encounter – including myself –  with kind words, generous actions, and responsible behavior.

Spiritual starvation

Hijo_prodigo 2013-02-24 (06.28.07-575 p.m.)

Prodigal Son and Compassionate Father

In what ways am I starving today? Am I too busy to feed myself with alone time? Am I too self-centered to feed myself with the awareness of others’ needs? Am I too complacent to feed myself with new ideas? Am I too afraid to feed myself with friendship and loving companionship?

When I am starving, who will feed me?