Striped and Mary Ann

with Striped

Thanks for dropping in. Even though I’m a hermit by nature, I do enjoy a chance for a one-on-one encounter.

Find your sparkle in life. Writing is mine.


Alfred the Medwaysian, Doris Grey, Poolster (la Plume) Grey

6 thoughts on “About

  1. SR

    Loved this. I am also a “hermit by nature.” In fact my neighbor always says, “Her husband and I are the two most unsociable people she has ever met.” 🙂 Being such though, I have such a contemplating spirit. If that is good or bad I do not know? I love the peace it does bring into my life. I am also an animal lover, but mine are dogs. Love the kitties! I know where you are coming from. Enjoyed reading your blog. God Bless, SR


  2. bowlby1972

    Had to stop by here and leave a signpost that I was here. Love the blog, the site, the writings, and your many glorious achievements! I also happen to love the pics of your cats….my Oliver is jealous and wants to play!



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