Only God knows where we need healing. Only God knows the deep wounds that distort our thinking and prevent us from loving ourselves and others the way God loves us. Only God has the power to touch our hearts and forgive all that prevents us from being fully human and holy.
Savage and McSweeny, Joyful Meditations

Lectio Divina for the whole of the liturgical year, Years A, B, and C.

JoyfulPeaceful MeditationsMindful
HopefulFaithful MeditationsGrateful

Reflections on Mary

40_Marian     Mary_Feast_Days

More reflections for peace and healing

Advent_Peace_Healing     Lent_Peace_Healing

2 thoughts on “Books

  1. SR

    Are these books in Barnes and Nobles? Once a month I have a Barnes and Nobles day, and I spend about a half of a day there looking through books. Would love to get these. Thanks. God Bless, SR


    1. Mary Ann Post author

      Thanks for asking about our books, SR. I think there’s a local Barnes and Noble (Massachusetts) that might carry them. Barnes and Noble has them online and so does Amazon and Liguori Publications (the publisher).



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