Ask and Receive


Luke 11:1-13

“Lord, teach us to pray…”

Ask and receive are two parts that make a whole. When I ask God to show me the next right thing to do, I receive God’s guidance—often pointing me to the simple tasks of everyday life. When I ask God to be with me in times of stress or sorrow, I receive God’s comforting presence—often through the compassion and kindness of friends, family, or strangers. When I ask God to make me more like the Lord, I receive God’s grace—often through opportunities to practice gratitude, forgiveness, and patience.

When I ask God to teach me to pray, I receive the longing to spend quiet time with God, getting to know the Lord more intimately. I receive the courage to take those quiet moments to be renewed in the Lord’s love. And I receive the joy of being in the presence of the One who loves me and who is teaching me to love more perfectly.

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