Proclaiming the Christ

The Good Shepherd

JESUS MAFA. The good shepherd, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved August 24, 2014].

[Jesus] said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”
Simon Peter said in reply, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Matthew 16:15-16

My words, attitudes, behaviors, and actions are all that I have to proclaim Jesus as the Christ.

Does my way of being in the world proclaim  compassion? forgiveness? nonviolence? humility? healing? community?

To those I know and those I don’t know, am I a loving presence ? respectful? courteous? generous?

Do I speak words that encourage? lift up? give hope? inspire?

How will I proclaim Jesus the Christ today?


4 thoughts on “Proclaiming the Christ

  1. SR

    I have not known what it is about our blog, that brings me such peace. I await your post every Sunday. As I was reading this post I understood what it is. You proclaim Christ so well. All of your words inspire me, and the way you write brings such peace. I thank you so much for your beautiful soul, how I await to see it weekly. God Bless, SR

    1. Mary Ann Post author

      Thank you for your encouraging words and blessing, SR. It seems we all inspire each other along the way.

  2. CurtissAnn

    Great food for thought for me. I call Christ my Lord and Savior. Do my thoughts, words, actions–my attitude in living add up to this. Not always. Let this be my guide. Thank you, dear heart!


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